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All our kennels easily exceed the size requirements of our licence with Sevenoaks District Council.
We have two sizes of kennel, the larger ones are used for groups of dogs from the same home.

All kennels are in a converted cattle building which is very bright and airy. They have a separate bed area which is heated and cosy, and a small run 10' long where the dogs are fed and watered.

The kennels are all concrete, brick and galvanised steel with quarry tiled floors. This construction makes it easy for us to clean and disinfect the kennels very thoroughly between dogs to reduce the risk of any disease transmission. The disinfectant which we use for this is the same as is used in vets' surgeries.

The exercise area is six large outdoor runs, again which are easy to clean and disinfect compared to grass which could become muddy in winter or smelly and unhygienic in summer.

The whole unit is surrounded by high walls and fences and has a security alarm.

Vaccine requirements and worming.

We do require all dogs to be vaccinated for Kennel Cough (Bordatella) as well as the usual annual booster. I am sorry that we cannot accept dogs without a certificate to show this, nor can we accept any homeopathic vaccine 'equivalents'.

All dogs should be regularly wormed and inspected for fleas, mites and other skin parasites before coming to the kennels. 

Thank you.