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How your dog is exercised at Bowens Kennels

Dogs are exercised in groups several times throughout the day with us in large outdoor runs. We believe they get more exercise this way than we could give them all on lead walks. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs he can be exercised in a group of up to 7 dogs with your consent. Most dogs really enjoy this socialising.
If he prefers his own company he can be exercised alone but is still able to see others in adjacent runs.

Our experienced staff match the dogs according to age, temperament and size to avoid the risk of injury. All exercise is closely supervised so that trouble can be prevented before it starts by changing the grouping of dogs.

Even if it is not your dog's turn to go out for exercise he can still watch the others playing outside so there is lots of action for his entertainment.

Bitches in season are exercised with other bitches only.

A typical day with us is as follows:

  • Morning: Out into the runs for toilet and run about.
  • Breakfast time: All back into their own kennels for breakfast.
  • After breakfast: Back out for a longer run and play.
  • Grooming and cuddle time: Dogs come back into their own kennel to be groomed and checked over and a little individual fuss.
  • Before lunch: Out once again for a play.
  • Lunchtime: Back into own kennel for rest and quiet time. Puppies have their midday meal.
  • Mid afternoon: Back out for another run about.
  • Dinner time: Dogs have their dinner in their own kennel.
  • After dinner: All out for one last play before bedtime.
  • Bedtime: All back in and quiet.
  • Late night check: All dogs are checked at around 10.30pm.